We will send HD videos in Pen drive from the recent most completed batch.

  • Though you will be receiving pre-recorded lectures, but the content will be 100% as per your current syllabus.
  • There could be a few changes in the syllabus, or a couple of new chapters being added. We shall send you the list of all changes along with the PDFs of the changed areas of the chapters. Along with that, the new and changed chapters shall be uploaded and shared with you once they have been completed in the current live batch.
  • Videos can be played using our software.
  • Need Windows desktop or laptop (However we have a very large number of students running the software on MacBook using parallel Windows). Also note our classes currently are not available on Mobile or Tablets.
  • Internet is required to authenticate and begin the video. (Data consumption is low since the videos you shall be having on the Pen Drives)
  • 7 views per video are provided initially. Can be increased at no charges, if exhausted –till the date of validity.
  • Valid for 1 year or date of exam, whichever is earlier. For Extension, proof from Institute is required (Either screenshot of mail for deferring the exam or of the result)
  • How are Doubts cleared –
  • You will be added to the relevant WhatsApp group based on the exam term selected.
  • You can post your queries, there. We encourage you to solve doubts among yourselves first, as it improves your interaction and preparation
  • For unresolved queries, we provide you with a time and Number to call and clear the same. The frequency increases as your batch approaches exams.
  • Language - The lectures are Bilingual – English + Hindi in order to make the classes more conversational. (MS Excel is in full English Mode)
  • You may watch the lectures for each of the Courses on YouTube in the respective playlists and take an informed choice.

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